Reinventing Aspromonte

Reinventing Aspromonte” is an enterprise that works in Calabria, in the very heart of the Aspromonte National Park; and more precisely in a small village with 1500 inhabitants – Antonimina. The organization is the fruit of my passion for a territory that never stops surprising, my passion for discovering new sites, for trekking and because I love those wonderful miracles of my Homeland.

I am Domenico and I’m 29. Having finished my studies and travelled around Italy and Europe, I decided to come back to my Calabria and to make my dream come true.

Let me tell you my story…

Since I was a little boy, I loved gathering people and guiding them to the discovery of the places that I explored and admired first. Observing how the amazement was appearing on their faces in front of a new beautiful site was giving me the unique sense of well-being and accomplishment; and so it does until now. And it’s exactly this passion that lead me to study tourism in high school and then at the university where I obtained the bachelor degree in Tourism and the master degree in Valorization of the local tourism systems. This is how I became a travel agent. My curiosity pushed me to learn more about tourism and reception models in different areas around the world. During studies, I chose to live my 6-month Erasmus experience in Spain, Almeria. Thanks to this beautiful adventure where I learned and discovered so much that my vision of the world changed and so did the one that I had of my homeland. I got the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world, to live in a new place and also to do an internship in a travel agency. I noticed there how people were always looking for new unknown and unpolluted places and every day I was realizing more and more how my homeland and Southern Spain were similar. And then I told myself: Why not do something in the place where I was born and I grew up?

After graduating, I came back to Aspromonte, to my home, to my small village and together with my friends with whom we share the same passion, we started to bring up some ideas. Gathering together and founding the association “Boschetto Fiorito” was a natural order of things. We decided to focus on trekking, promoting the territory and reviving our village with „widespread hospitality”, and we achieved many positive results.

But I didn’t want to stop there! The awareness of living in a territory with such capacity to expand in the tourism sector and my knowledge about it pushed me to transform my passion into a company. After 4 years, I wanted to create a tourism company which would enhance the attractivity of the territory and would offer the missing services that would enable the tourists to discover the beauties of Aspromonte in various ways.

I want to take you on the journey to discover beautiful landscapes of Aspromonte National Park and its traditions. I want you to get to know its history, culture and hospitality. All this thanks to slow tourism that will let you appreciate and respect all that surrounds you, slowly and with respect to the nature.

We can do it with trekking trips that last one, two o more days or even by bike if you want. You will live an exceptional experience of hospitality, sleeping in mountain huts or in the historic center of Antonimina thanks to the widespread hospitality where the hotel is not one building but many houses brought together to give you the best experience.

Or, if you wish, in a tent under the stars.

All this thank to the synergy that has been created between my company and the Boschetto Fiorito association. Together we offer you the encounter with traditional music, food and wine. Our grandfathers’ legends and the warmth of the people will make you feel at home.

We do it because we love our land and we love sharing it with others. And we want to do it in the most proper way.