The walk to the Crocco lake

Passeggiata al laghetto Crocco 15

Pleasant looped walkpath on the Zomaro plains (from the greek marshy), a thousand meters above sea level, within the Aspromonte National Park.

Departure from “Piano Stempato”, along paths and dirt roads that cross vast beech and coniferous forests, we will pass near the archaeological excavations that have unearthed a fort of the Great-Greek period, of particular importance.

We will then continue towards Zomaro village and continue until we reach the White Water source.

Walking along the path in these wonderful woods, we reach Crocco lake, or Zomaro lake. The toponym Crocco derives from a flower, the bulbiferous Crocus.

Greek mythology tells that the beautiful Crocus fell in love with the nymph Smilace who was the favorite of the God Hermes; the God, in an unequal struggle with Crocus, transformed him into a bulb forcing him to live underground.

Here we will take a tour around the lake, interspersed with a small extension towards the Serro della Guardia, which will allow us to enjoy a view of the western side of the Aspromonte.

Finally, following the brigand’s path for a few small stretches, we will reach the starting point.

Length: 4 km

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cumulative ascent: 120 m