Widespread hospitality

Antonimina is a village where time seems to have stopped and where, even today, you can perceive the smells and flavors of the past. You will be welcomed in the numerous houses scattered around the village, which climb along the narrow alleys, which from time to time offer unique and breathtaking views of the Costa dei Gelsomini and Monte Tre Pizzi, then of the Aspromonte.

Thanks to widespread hospitality, guests and travelers come into contact with the authentic warmth of rural hospitality, immersing themselves in the intimacy and slow rhythms typical of Slow Life, living a sustainable and unconventional experience, far from the noises and the frenetic chaos of the city. The Boschetto Fiorito association will assist its guests in finding the house that best suits their needs for a comfortable and satisfying stay.

The widespread hospitality allows you to have relationships with the residents and have the opportunity to enter the village of Antonimina, so it is a complete experience, which gives the opportunity to experience the village as if you were a part of it and not as an outsider.

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