“Boschetto Fiorito” Association

The Boschetto Fiorito Association takes its name from the legend according to which the name of the town derives from the Greek “Antos Nemos” which translates, in fact, into “Boschetto Fiorito”.

The objectives that the Boschetto Fiorito Association sets itself are the enhancement and rediscovery of this ancient village aspromonte through various forms, including widespread hospitality that transmits the true essence of the country and allows you to experience the real village, in all its facets.

We have designed several hiking trails, which start from the historic center and allow you to see the natural, historical and archaeological wonders present in the Aspromonte National Park.

Among all the jewels of Aspromonte, Tre Pizzi and Pietra Cappa but also the Italy path and the Brigante path, among the most beautiful treks in Aspromonte.