The “Boschetto” Cabin

The cabin is located on the Zomaro plains, one thousand meters above sea level, in the municipality of Antonimina (Reggio Calabria), within the Aspromonte National Park, about 100 meters from the Brigante trail, 150 meters from the Italia trail, east of the Crocco lake or the lake of Zomaro.

It was built in 1931, as a cabin for the Country Guard. Over the years it has undergone several changes and carried out different functions; it was the cabin for Forest Guards, later used by the Forestry and the large outdoor spaces used as a nursery given the rich presence of water, a spring is present a few meters from the structure. After a period of neglect, it was renovated and thanks to the Boschetto Association it has taken on new life.

The cabin is immersed in a magnificent wood, consisting of a large ancient beech forest and an holm oak. It has a large outdoor area, a terraced garden with dry stone walls in the middle of the forest, where you can install tents, do activities or simply sunbathe. The interior spaces are comfortable even if not very large. It has a kitchen, with a rich pantry, stove, oven and refrigerator, bathroom with shower and hot water, a bedroom with fireplace and 5 beds and a dining room. The cabin is completely autonomous and eco-friendly, has a solar system for the production of electricity and hot water. A rich source of drinking water feeds the cabin, and allows you to create a small vegetable garden, for self-consumption and to have products at Km 0.

The cabin is a destination for hikers and walkers, who frequent the Italia trail or the Brigante trail, but not only, in fact many people go to the cabin to spend a day in nature and relaxation. The structure is the focal point from where you can start various excursions of medium-low difficulty, to be done on foot or by bicycle, to then return and enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner, based on genuine local products.

Here we are also often hosting scout groups for their summer camps. In fact, the large outdoor spaces are well suited for setting up tents, camp kitchens and doing activities. In addition, the presence of water, of the structure to be used as a galley, offers all the necessary to set up a camp.

In the surrounding area, there are many hiking opportunities, from the Brigante path to the Italia path, from the archaeological site of Bregatorto, to the Zomaro plains and many other possibilities, such as the Crocco lake, excellent both for excursions, but also for a full relaxation .

In the cabin you can stay overnight, but it is also possible have half or full board.

The Boschetto Fiorito Association will be available for a comfortable stay, it also offers you the opportunity to be accompanied by environmental hiking guides associated with AIGAE.