Reinventing Aspromonte: in the heart of the Aspromonte National Park

Reinventing Aspromonte is the project created by a group of young people from the village of Antonimina to discover the beauties of the Aspromonte National Park. To explore a territory that amazes for the suggestion of the environmental scenery, for the traditions and the millenary history, we organize excursions in the nature and walks on foot or by bicycle to enjoy a wonderful land. Detail…


The "Boschetto Fiorito Association", takes its name from tre previously mentioned legend, which say the name of the town derives frm the Greek, "Antos Nemos", and which means precisely Boschetto Fiorito.
The objectives we have set ourselves are the enhancement and rediscovery of this ancient Borgo Aspromontano.

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8 January 2022
Da Carmelia Monte Fistocchio 4

From Carmelia Monte Fistocchio

The morphology of the Aspromonte is softened by plateaus, called plains and fields, which, interrupting the verticality, form large flat expanses on the coast of the […]
8 January 2022
Escursione "I due mari" 1

The excursion of Two Seas

The excursion on the Aspromonte plains, in the territory of the Aspromonte National Park, suggestive and fascinating. From the flatlands our gaze will be able to […]
8 January 2022
Tra leggenda e storia

Between legend and history

A looped-trail excursion, in a hilly area once used for the cultivation of fruit trees, olive groves and cereals. As evidence of this, the dry stone […]